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paul desenne

photo by Paul Desenne

PAUL DESENNE 1959 - 2023


Paul Desenne’s tricultural vantage point on today’s musical world blends anthropological accuracy, conceptual diversity and musical abstraction in a vast body of work; passionate, often quite elaborate constructions in rhythmic counterpoint explore the formidable avenues of Latin American concert-music. 

A lush, quirky and irresistibly rhythmic style reflects an insatiable curiosity, subversive humor at times, and a wide-open creative lens in a catalogue spanning over 90 works, with hundreds of pieces in nearly every imaginable format.


Venezuelan, French and American cellist & composer.


Guggenheim Fellow 2009

Radcliffe Fellow 2010

Premier Prix, premier Nommé, Cello, Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, 1985


Music performed worldwide 

Paul RKP2 night.jpeg




All of Paul Desenne's Chamber works can be found at

Liliflute Music

Latin American Music Publisher

Soundcloud albums


Baton Music

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