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Prestissimo - Spanish

Edicion especial de 45 artículos en nueve librillos para coleccionar.

Coming soon
Prestissimo - English

Special edition of nine booklets, with a total of 45 articles to enjoy.

Desenne has been a weekly music columnist for Venezuela’s national newspaper El Nacional. He has published satirical essays in Colombia's renowned arts magazine Revista Número, and in 2002-04, he created a weekly political satire for radio that aired in Caracas. In 2009, he was named Best Actor by San Francisco's Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Festival for his role in the short film Andante ma non troppo.

Paul Desenne’s tricultural, trilingual world view results in a musical hybridization that blends anthropological precision and intellectual abstraction with listening as fun, as passion, as a dance. His lush, quirky and irresistibly rhythmic output reflects his insatiable curiosity, subversive humor and wide-open mind.

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