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72. CONCERTO FOR 2 FLUTES AND ORCHESTRA (2012-13) ca. 27' 

2(picc&alto). 3 ( 3 (3=bss). 3 (3=ctrfg) - timp. perc: drms, assrtd cwbl, timb lat., güiro, mrcs, bottle, bngo, bells, G.C. , crsh cmb, bell tree, tamt, vibra slp, assrtd wd blk. - 2 solo flutes - strings (medium-to-large section). 

This Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra (2013) received its world premiere on November 1, 2023 at Oberlin College and Conservatory's Finney Chapel in a performance with conductor Raphael Jiménez leading the Oberlin Orchestra, and soloists Alexa Still, Oberlin's flute professor, and her fourth-year student Dylan Masariego.

67. GRAN CACEROLAZO For piano, strings and percussion (2010) ca. 12' 

Written for Gabriela Montero

Premiered by Gabriela Montero, piano and Kremerata Baltica with
Andrei Pushkarev, percussion at Laeiszhalle, Hamburg on March 6, 2010

Program Notes

63. DRAGONCELLO (2008) ca. 9' 

For six cellos and string orchestra
solo cello-strings ( minimum)

I Musici de Montréal and cello students of Yuli Turovksy, with Yuli Turovsky, conductor
Commissioned by I Musici de Montréal

Premiered at the Place des Arts in Montréal on Sept. 17, 2008 by I Musici de Montréal and cello students of Yuli Turovsky with Yuli Turovsky, conductor

YouTube video (Part 1)
YouTube video (Part 2)

53. THE BASS CONCERTO (2006) ca. 17’   

For double bass and orchestra
La Noche
Pink Bull

Program Notes


2 (II= picc).2 ( ( cyms/picc snr/3toms/pdl bss tom/additional small (toy) drumset (standing player)/bngos/wdbl/assrtd cwbl/sleigh bll/claves/sml maracas/castanets/güiro-strings ( recommended)


Commissioned by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas (POA) and Alondra de la Parra for Edicson Ruiz, bass
Premiered at Alice Tully Hall, New York City in June 2006 by Edicson Ruiz, bass and the POA, conducted by

Alondra de la Parra


Concerto for violin, strings and harpsichord

Invierno/Rainy Season
Goteras (Roof Leaks)
Coquiloquio (Frog Assembly)
Wipers Gigavalse/Deslave (Wipers Gigavalse/Landslide)

Verano/Dry Season
Noche del grillo transformado (Night of the Transfigured Cricket)
Cumbión tostao (Big Toasted Cumbia)
Polo quemao (Burnt Polo - Venezuelan song form)

Virginie Robilliard, violin with the Orchestra of the Mozarteum Foundation, conducted by Olivier Grangean

Program Notes

solo violin-harpsichord-strings (

Commissioned by the Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy in Caracas for violinist Virginie Robilliard

Premiered at Sala Corpbanca in Caracas in Dec. 2003 by Virginie Robilliard, violin and the Orchestra of the Mozarteum Foundation, conducted by Olivier Grangean; Canadian premiere in December 2004 with Alexis Cárdenas, violin and I Musici de Montréal, conducted by Yuli Turovsky; New York premiere at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in January 2009 with Virginie Robilliard, violin and the Brooklyn Philharmonic, conducted by Michael Christie

38. CONCERTO FOR CELLO AND ORCHESTRA (2001-2002) ca. 27’.   

Ictus Piraña
Twist Rondeau

4(IV=picc).3( (4): congas/bongs/güiro/cwbls (s.m.l.)/maracas/cyms (assrtd+sizzl)/crash cyms/tamb/wdbl (sml)/claves/tgl/chekere/cabaza/3toms/pdl bsstom/snr/timbales-large marimba-celesta-2 harps-
solo cello-strings ( minimum)

Commissioned by Carlos Prieto, cello

36. PAS DE DEUX, SANS TROIS (2001-2002) ca. 14’ 

Concertino for flute, cello, strings and harp in two movements
solo flute-solo cello-harp-strings ( minimum)

Commissioned by Jacques Zoon, flute and Iseut Chuat, cello
Premiered at Faneuil Hall, Boston on February 15, 2002 by Jacques Zoon, flute and Iseut Chuat, cello, conducted by Steve Lipsitt

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