Solo Instruments


Commissioned by Gabriela Martínez for Piano solo, in 7 movements:

1-Fiesta en Caraballeda

2-Arrullo de Las Muñecas

3-Los Baños de Macuto

4-Luz Tras mi Enramada

5-Autorretrato con Pumpá

6-Detrás de la Mantilla



69. LA TIERRA (2010)

For piano solo

Commissioned by Gabriela Montero, piano


Premiered by Gabriela Montero at Alte Oper, Frankfurt on Oct. 17, 2010

Featured in Gabriela Montero’s October 2010 7-city German tour

Scheduled for Gabriela Montero recording for EMI Records


56. EMILY’S CORNER (2007)

Three children’s pieces for solo piano

Petite Salsa pour Emily

Valse Tournante

Le Forgeron


55. SUITE FOR VIOLIN SOLO (2006) ca. 15’

Commissioned by Airi Yoshioka

Prélude Ethno-Mathématique


Eau Courante



Jungle Jig


Premiered by Airi Yoshioka at the Americas Society in New York City in February 2010

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49. MIRANDA’S ROCKET (2004) ca. 4’

For solo piano

Composed for Gabriela Montero


39. JAGUAR SONGS FOR SOLO CELLO (2002) ca. 20’

Composed for French cellist Iseut Chuat


-Tombeau pour l'Amazonie


-Birimbao / Jaguar


Paul Desenne, cello

Program Notes

Premiered at Galería Sextante in Bogotá, Colombia on May 7, 2003 by Paul Desenne, cello; European premiere at the Venezuelan Cultural Centre in London, July 2003, with Paul Desenne, cello

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35. SONATA FOR SOLO FLUTE (2001) ca. 21’

Dedicated to Luis Julio Toro

Ten movements including theme and variations on Mission Impossible


-America divagación


-Thema Mission Impossible

-Variation 1

-Variation 2

-Variation 3

-Variation 4

-Variation 5

-Guasaranas 2


Luis Julio Toro, flute

Premiered at the International Flute Convention in Denver, Colorado in September 2001 

Javier Montilla, flute

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24. SONATA FOR SOLO VIOLIN (1998) ca. 18’

Commissioned by the Carlos and Alegría Beracasa Foundation

-Spiral Capriccio


-The Worm's Belly Dance

-Andante con yopo / Alegrías


Program Notes

Premiered at the Royal Academy of Music in London in February 1999 by Virginie Robilliard, violin

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